Why We Chose Prison

On going to Prison, Privilege and Preparation “If you are healthy, it’s not so bad in prison. You have your brain, your conscience and your soul. They cannot take that away from you. Jail is not the worst place for a person who thinks.” – Nadia Tolokonnikova (Pussy Riot) In late 2017 four activists — Genny, Roger, Ian and… Continue reading Why We Chose Prison

A week in HMP Bronzefield

Genny took part in the RisingUp campaign Stop Killing Londoners: Cut Air Pollution. She, along with 3 others, were sent to prison on remand for a week in November 2017, after repeat acts of civil disobedience. Here's her story... After the decision to remand, I was held in court cells awaiting transfer. This period was… Continue reading A week in HMP Bronzefield

This Election Stinks! How to Fake A Democracy

WAKE UP UK Citizens! – You don’t have a genuine democracy! We wish progressive candidates well in the 2017 general election – please vote to get the Tories out! However, the “playing field” is almost vertical – we have a system rigged for the rich and corporations. Here's How to Fake a Democracy and an invite to join in with mass civil disobedience!

Breaking new ground on direct action escalations

The King’s College Climate Emergency Campaign. Breaking new ground on direct action escalations. Roger Hallam April 2017 This is a report on the King’s College Climate Emergency campaign (KCCE) to get total divestment from fossil fuels. It goes into quite a lot of detail about the design elements of the campaign and therefore assumes a… Continue reading Breaking new ground on direct action escalations

Compassionate Revolution and Rising Up!

Some of you may have originally signed up for pledges and information on Compassionate Revolution. Having taken feedback on that name, having joined up with other groups and having had mega spam issues with “passion” in compassion (!) we have decided to foreground the brand Rising Up! Compassionate Revolution is here for people who think of themselves… Continue reading Compassionate Revolution and Rising Up!

How pledging to act with other people (“conditional commitment”) could change the world

The rent strike at UCL was designed using conditional commitment Compassionate Revolution was launched in summer 2015 as a grass-roots run platform for hosting pledges of collective action- “I will if you will”. The pledges can be acts of art (like mass graffiti), acts from the heart (like group meditations or modelling kind behaviour in… Continue reading How pledging to act with other people (“conditional commitment”) could change the world

Use tax disobedience to call for a fairer society – an open letter

The latest tax scandal is bringing the erosion of our democracy into ever sharper focus. Britain suffers under an enormous democratic deficit due to state capture by “free”-market neoliberal fundamentalism and its associated corporate and financial interests, in aggressive ascendancy since the 1970s. Notwithstanding the 2008 financial crisis, this capture of the state has remained… Continue reading Use tax disobedience to call for a fairer society – an open letter