This Election Stinks! How to Fake A Democracy


#HowToFakeADemocracy #RisingUp!

WAKE UP UK Citizens! – You don’t have a genuine democracy!
We wish progressive candidates well in the 2017 general election – please vote to get the Tories out! However, the “playing field” is almost vertical – we have a system rigged for the rich and corporations and it is leading to fascism[1].
Rising Up! is calling for mass civil disobedience

With a specific focus on the media. And here is our video about How to Fake a Democracy!

Here’s how you go about faking democracy[2]:

  1. Overspend on your campaign to gain advantage, the law is inadequate to deal with this electoral fraud[3],[4]
  2. Manipulate people– buy up masses of personal data to develop a profile on individuals so you know how to trigger their loyalty[5],[6]
  3. Allow massive media bias– have 80% of the media be owned by your 5 right wing billionaire mates[7] and push the BBC into right wing bias too[8].
  4. Create a “gagging law” to silence civil society around election time[9] and fine those who break it[10].
  5. Give corporate lobbyists free reign – and let “astroturf” organisations, think tanks and researchers have a strong voice supporting your case without exposing the bias in their funding sources[11],[12]
  6. Let bankers dominate party funding – turn your country into a tax haven[13] and dangerously deregulate finance[14] so the bankers will fund you at election time[15]
  7. Let tax dodgers dominate party funding– meaning you will also never have a real interest in dealing with tax dodging[16].
  8. Give peerages to party donors – and keep the House of Lords as an undemocratic voice of the establishment[17],[18]
  9. Have few votes count– by using a first past the post system[19] in which people feel their voices are unheard
  10. Change boundaries to favour your party –in the name of “saving money” as you heap more of your mates into the House of Lords[20]
  11. Stop people voting – if they are younger than 18 (but let them fight your wars) or a prisoner[21] (despite the fact prison populations reflect issues of race, class and disability)[22]
  12. Axe people from the voter register[23] – nearly 800,000 people, and create a higher barrier to reregistering
  13. Lie about your policies – lie to voters, tell them what they want to hear and then don’t do it when you have their vote[24],[25][26]
  14. Ignore the will of the people– trash the NHS and force fracking on communities if it lines the pockets of you and your mates[27],[28]
  15. Ignore the biggest issues of our day – the environmental crisis[29] and the depth of inequality, by scapegoating people without much voice, such as migrants, poor people and disabled people[30],[31].


What kinds of things need to happen?[32]

Change is possible! There are loads of great ideas out there which should be debated and discussed on an equal playing field. However it is highly unlikely any of these changes will get implemented without a mass uprising- so point zero is to help organise a mass uprising![33].

  1. Review Electoral law so that its more likely you can prosecute overspending cannot happen
  2. Review Electoral and Data law, to pass new laws in our modern era against mass manipulation using big data techniques
  3. Reform the media[34]
  4. Repeal the gagging law[35]
  5. Properly tackle excessive corporate lobbying[36] for example don’t allow the media to quote organisations without providing their funding sources
  6. Ensure finance sector resilience rather than dominance[37]
  7. Don’t allow tax dodgers to donate to political parties
  8. Reform the House of Lords[38]
  9. Use a form of proportional representation[39]
  10. Only permit boundary changes as part of a package of reforms to level playing field and improve our democracy.
  11. Reduce the voting age to 16, allow prisoners to vote.
  12. Fully resource approaches to improving democratic involvement by people less likely to get involved and make the registration process simple and effective
  13. Undertake a high level review of processes that need to be in place to protect voters from being manipulated through lies and significant policy diversions
  14. Politicians and political advisors should not be able to work for firms that lobby on behalf of a specific policy within 5 years of leaving office / positions and increase punishment levels for those that break current rules.
  15. If we had a real democracy, based in accurate information, with power as devolved as much possible, possibly using innovations such as liquid democracy[40], we believe people would focus on the biggest issues humanity is facing today.


[1] ;

[2] Please add your additions and improvements in the comments- this is not an exhaustive list!






























[32] For an overview see









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