Why We Chose Prison

On going to Prison, Privilege and Preparation “If you are healthy, it’s not so bad in prison. You have your brain, your conscience and your soul. They cannot take that away from you. Jail is not the worst place for a person who thinks.” – Nadia Tolokonnikova (Pussy Riot) In late 2017 four activists — Genny, Roger, Ian and… Continue reading Why We Chose Prison

A week in HMP Bronzefield

Genny took part in the RisingUp campaign Stop Killing Londoners: Cut Air Pollution. She, along with 3 others, were sent to prison on remand for a week in November 2017, after repeat acts of civil disobedience. Here's her story... After the decision to remand, I was held in court cells awaiting transfer. This period was… Continue reading A week in HMP Bronzefield